About Us

At Crossfit Woodstock, we are a community dedicated to health and lifelong fitness. We emphasize constantly varied, whole body motions, performed with safe and proper form, in a friendly environment of personalized intensity. Our members enjoy exceptional results on a regular basis with benefits of increased strength, skill, flexibility, and mobility. We are proud of our competitive athletes but it is the focused mission of the gym to welcome and serve ordinary people of all backgrounds and athletes at every level. The “all for one and one for all” spirit of this place is evident in every aspect of the gym.

At Alive MMA next door we teach and practice the arts that comprise the sport of mixed martial arts and functional self defense, especially boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu. Our training may not conform to the fantasies to which people cling, but it works against fully resisting opponents in a demonstrable and accountable way. Even so, we train in an atmosphere of fun and safety. Our athletes learn to relax in the presence of stress, to watch out for each other, and to practice least force necessary techniques effective in sport, for law enforcement, and in the unlikely event of an altercation. Our teaching reflects the reality that the most commonly used self-defense tactics are verbal assertiveness, de escalation, and evasion. Our training is most effective against the real threats we all face: inactivity, poor diet, stress, overreaction, loneliness, and boredom. We teach play, flow, and aliveness.