March 25, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Classes Suspended

All classes suspended until further notice.

Thanks and stay healthy.

March 14, 2020 - April 1, 2020

Attention All Members

As you are aware, your overall health and fitness is our top priority at CrossFit Woodstock/Alive MMA. This is a unique time and things are moving quickly. It can be confusing and stressful, and we know that the gym is a place that many of you come for stress relief. Furthermore, working out and being fit and healthy is essential to maintaining a strong immune system. 


In order to ensure everyone’s continued health and safety, we’d like to outline the community standards that we have in place to achieve this end. 


✅ Classes will continue as scheduled until otherwise reported.


✅Wipe down your gear and area before and after you workout. Cleaning supplies will be provided. Ask your coach if you need assistance or if something needs to be replenished.


✅Wash your hands regularly. Use hot water, and wash for 20 seconds. Dry your hands thoroughly.


✅If you display ANY symptoms please stay home. Err on the side of caution for your own benefit and that of the community.


✅If you are currently recovering from another illness, not even COVID-19, please stay home for an extra 48 hours.


✅ We have been and will continue to be vigilant in our daily sanitation procedures.


We love you all. We’re determined to stay open and provide you a safe place to relieve stress and stay fit. Thank you for continuing to help us help you!


If you have any concerns whatsoever, please reach out to any of the coaches.


Our Philosophy

At Crossfit Woodstock, we are a community dedicated to health and lifelong fitness. We emphasize constantly varied, whole body motions, performed with safe and proper form, in a friendly environment of personalized intensity. Our members enjoy exceptional results on a regular basis with benefits of increased strength, skill, flexibility, and mobility. We are proud of our competitive athletes but it is the focused mission of the gym to welcome and serve ordinary people of all backgrounds and athletes at every level. The “all for one and one for all” spirit of this place is evident in every aspect of the gym.


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CrossFit classes run Monday through Friday at 6 & 9am, 1:30pm and at 4, 5, & 6pm. There are also Elements classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7am and Monday and Wednesday at 7pm. On the weekends 8 and 9am classes Saturday, and an 11am class on Sunday.

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