Corey Blue

Corey Blue

Head Coach

Corey Blue

Level 2 Crossfit Coach

Hello! My name is Corey Blue and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself if you don’t mind! Born in Tacoma, WA but also lived in Idaho before landing in Portland, I am a true Pacific Northwest Native!

My fitness journey started way back in high school Body Development class. In there I learned all the skills on how to get “swole” and carried them over for many years to come. Fast forward about ten years and a thousand biceps curls later a friend introduced me to “cross fit”. Needless to say, I really disliked it. Like a lot! But something about the variety and intensity just kept me coming back for more! And the rest you can say is history!

What are your favorite hobbies outside of the gym?

I’m a pretty big nerd I have to admit! I enjoy playing video games and watching movies. And when I’m not doing those things most of my time is devoted to my children

What keeps you motivated to keep doing Crossfit?

As narcissist as it sounds I enjoy Crossfit for the gains! The feeling of accomplishment you get when you tackle a really tough WOD is second to none. Also the learning experience you can get from completing and mastering skills you never thought you could do. Using the strength and skills I have gained in Crossfit, in real life, keeps me motivated to get better and better!

What is your favorite food to cook?

Pancakes! Hands down! Nothing better than cooking and eating some tasty flap jacks on a Sunday morning!!


5607 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, OR 97206