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Are you new to CrossFit? No problem. Maybe haven’t been to the gym for a while? Hey, we’ve all been there. Nervous about jumping into a class for the first time with all those crazy CrossFitters? Well, maybe a little…Do you want to get stronger, faster, slimmer, healthier and generally just more awesome? Uh, yes, of course. Then this is the gym for you!

No matter what level of fitness you are currently at, or how nervous you might be, we are happy to work with you.

For beginners we offer a class time set aside to allow you to acclimate to how we do things at Crossfit Woodstock. In CrossFit Elements we take the workout of the day and break down each and every movement into progressions that any level athlete can learn from. We ask that every member new to Crossfit take between six and nine Elements classes before moving into any of the regular class times. These classes are offered at no extra charge. They are included in your first month’s membership.

Crossfit Elements classes are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Please call or email our front desk if you have any other questions, comments or concerns. See you at the gym!

(503)954-3304 or

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8 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Hello, I am interested in checking out Cross Fit for the first time. I would rarely be able to make it to the days and times of your fundamentals classes as I work late and in Beaverton most M/W/Fs AND often on Sat. mornings! Tues/Thurs/sundays I have the most flexibility in my work schedule. I live in Sellwood so your location and your regular morning classes would work for me but I definitely would need to start at the beginning with the basic movements. Any suggestions?
    Eliza Crockett

    • Hello Eliza, We would be happy to work with you. We usually just do one on ones with folks who cannot make the regular times for Fundamentals. Our general manager, Chrissy, usually handles most of them. Please send her an email at to set up an appointment for your first class. I look forward to working with you! Coach Morgan

  2. Hi there ~ I’m interested in the monthly membership for Cross Fit but I don’t see prices anywhere. Can you please give me those details? Thanks! Amy

    • Hello Amy, our current monthly membership cost is $149. This includes our 6 class CrossFit Fundamentals course if you are new to CrossFit and unlimited classes after that. Thanks for asking! Coach Morgan PS If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at

  3. I’m interested in info on Krav Maga, for both my daughter (12) and myself. I’ve worked with a trainer last couple years and wanted to get myself and my daughter some solid self defense along with a work out…and so we’ve landed here on your site. We are in the Woodstock area and would be interested in evening classes, weekend classes. I’d like to come try it out with her one day. How do I set this up with you?

    • Hi Hilary, we do not offer Krav Maga classes. However we do offer boxing, kickboxing and jui jitsu if any of these interest you. Please stop by the gym anytime from 7am to 9pm to check us out. Thanks!

  4. Hi, I like to test try gyms to make sure I like the people and the environment before I put a lot of money down for a whole month. The environment is really important for me to keep going to a gym. Is there a way to do a week long trial before I commit to buying a whole month?

    • Hi Makenna, your first class drop-in is only $10 and $20 for every one after that. So you could, for example, get 3 classes in a week for $50. How does that sound? We’d love to have you give us a try! Thanks for the question. If you have any others let me know. Head Coach Morgan

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