Saturday 1.6.18

Partner WOD

9am and 11am

teams of 3
24 min EMOM (6 rounds)
min 1: 1 round of “Cindy” (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats)
min 2: 10 hang power snatches 95/65
min 3: max calorie row
min 4: rest

Each athlete will cycle through the 6 rounds (24 stations) of the workout. Teammate 2 starts 1 minute behind Teammate 1. Teammate 3 starts 2 minutes behind Teammate 1. Score is team total calories on the rower. On the first two stations, athletes will rest the remainder of the minute after the work is completed before beginning the next station. Weight on the snatch barbell should be something that athletes will complete unbroken on every round. It is ok if there are multiple barbells for teams with athletes using different weights.

Benchmark WOD


“Linchpin Test 1”

for time
400m run
thrusters 75/55
400m run
thrusters 75/55
400m run

This is WOD #1 of CrossFit Linchpin’s 12 Tests, aka, the Linchpin Dirty Dozen, “created by Pat Sherwood as a way for athletes and coaches to measure progress and expose weaknesses.”

Wednesday 12.20.17

We’ll be doing “The 12 Days of CrossFit” workout this Saturday. Tis the season!!


band pull aparts
banded ankle mobs (forward and backward) 2 min each side


8 min EMOM
clean and jerk
build up to a heavy complex


5 rounds
every 4 min
30 air squats
200m run
7 clean and jerks 115/80

Thursday 11.30.17


upper back/lats foam rolling 3 min
working the deep squat with a banded supine and figure 4 pose 2 min



6 rounds for time
24 air squats
24 push-ups
24 walking lunges
400m run

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo, 34, of Houston, Texas, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on June 24, 2010 in Jelewar, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife, First Sergeant Jennifer Loredo; his daughter, Laura Isabelle; his stepdaughter, Alexis; and his son, Eduardo Enrique.

Saturday 10.14.17

Partner WOD

9am and 11am

for time
800m run
8 rounds “The Chief”
8 rope climbs
600m run
6 rounds “The Chief”
6 rope climbs
400m run
4 rounds “The Chief”
4 rope climbs

1 round of “The Chief” is 3 power cleans 135/95, 6 push-ups, 9 air squats

Benchmark WOD



for time
25 thrusters 115/75
50 box jumps 24/20
75 deadlifts 115/75
1.5 mile run
75 deadlifts 115/75
50 box jumps 24/20
25 thrusters 115/75

wear a 20/15# vest if you have one

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Andrew T. Weathers, 30, of DeRidder, Louisiana, died Sept. 30, 2014, at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

Weathers was wounded Sept. 28 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when he heroically ran to a rooftop through hundreds of incoming rounds to repel an attack of insurgents who were attempting to overrun his position. His actions saved the lives of five U.S. Green Berets and nine Afghan Commandos at his location. Weathers was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

Weathers is survived by his parents, Michael and Jere; sister, Carrie; brother, Dusten; and many other friends and family.

Saturday 9.30.17

Partner Hero WOD

9am and 11am


for time with a partner
2,382m row
then 20 rounds
11 toes-to-bar
20 air squats
16 KB swings 53/35
One partner works while the other rests. Break up the work between partners as needed.

Benchmark WOD


Everyday Warrior 2017 Battle Series Workout #2: “Fight”

Prior to 4:00, complete:
3 Rounds of:
10 Thrusters 75/45lb
20 Double Unders

Prior to 8:00, complete:
3 Rounds of:
8 Thrusters 95/65lb
25 Double Unders

Prior to 12:00, complete:
3 Rounds of:
6 Thrusters 115/85
30 Double Unders

Prior to 16:00, complete:
3 Rounds of:
4 Thrusters 135/95lb
35 Double Unders

Prior to 20:00, complete:
3 Rounds of:
2 Thrusters 155/105lb
40 Double Unders

Saturday 9.16.17

Partner WOD

9am and 11am

5 x 5 min AMRAPs in 25 min
from 0:00-5:00
16 cal row
16 box jumps 24/20
from 5:00-10:00
16 thrusters 75/55
16 pull-ups
from 10:00-15:00
16 burpees
16 DB snatches @ 25% BW
from 15:00-20:00
16 air squats
16 KB swings 53/35
from 20:00-25:00
16 push-ups
16 abmat sit-ups

Benchmark WOD



10 rounds for time
150m run
7 C2B pull-ups
7 front squats 135/95
7 handstand push-ups

Canadian Forces Corporal Nicholas Bulger, 30, of Peterborough, Ontario, assigned to the 3rd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, died July 3, 2009 while on patrol in the Zhari district of Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device exploded near his vehicle. Cpl. Bulger is survived by his wife Rebeka, and daughters Brookelynn and Elizabeth.

Monday 9.4.17

“Grit is doing what you don’t want to do, to be what you want to be.” – Dea Irby

Happy Labor Day! Regular class schedule all day!

Image result for hotshots 19


front rack improvement with band (starts at 2:10 in video) 2 min each side
PNF your prime hip movers 2 min each side

Partner Memorial WOD

“Hotshots 19”

6 rounds
30 air squats
20 power cleans 135/95
8 strict pull-ups
400m run

1 partner works, 1 partner rests. Divide reps/runs evenly as you like.

Firebreather? Give your partner the day off and do it by yourself. Use the original rep scheme of 30-19-7.

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013, while fighting a fire in Yarnell, Arizona. Here is where you can make a donation to support the families of the lost heroes. Your support will be collected by the CrossFit Foundation where 100 percent of the donations will be distributed to the families.

Please click the link to donate to the families. >>

This workout is performed in memory of…

  • Jesse Steed, 36
  • Wade Parker, 22
  • Joe Thurston, 32
  • William Warneke, 25
  • John Percin, 24
  • Clayton Whitted, 28
  • Scott Norris, 28
  • Dustin Deford, 24
  • Sean Misner, 26
  • Garret Zuppiger, 27
  • Travis Carter, 31
  • Grant McKee, 21
  • Travis Turbyfill, 27
  • Andrew Ashcraft, 29
  • Kevin Woyjeck, 21
  • Anthony Rose, 23
  • Eric Marsh, 43
  • Christopher MacKenzie, 30
  • Robert Caldwell, 23