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Thursday, November 6 2012


Run 1 lap, row 500m, 20 burpees


Back Squat 5 x 5  heaviest possible


5 rounds for time of: 100 double-unders, 200m farmer carry @ ½ bw

Upper Body Mobility

7 November 2012

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Wednesday, November 5 2012


2 rounds of “Classic CrossFit Warmup” see it HERE


Push Press 5 x 5 heaviest possible


2 ROUNDS FOR TOTAL REPS: max pushup 1:00, max situp 1:00, max air squat 1:00, max pullup 1:00 (rest 10 seconds between each minute, write down your reps then and add them all up at the end of 8 minutes. Make sure all movements pass through FULL range of motion with PERFECT MECHANICS. )

Lower Body Mobility (hip flexors, glutes, adductors)

6 November 2012

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Tuesday, November 4 2012


with an empty barbell: 10 deadlift, 10 hang clean, 10 good morning (x2)


Power Clean 5 x 5 heaviest possible


10 ROUNDS FOR TIME OF: 30 sec handstand hold, 30 sec wall sit

Core Work

3 x 15 supine superman, 3 x 10 hanging straight leg raise (no kip), 3 x 10 alternating plank extensions

Upper Body Mobility (thoracic spine, front rack, traps)

1 November 2012

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Friday, November 2 2012

Warmup: 20 air squat, 20 pushups, 20 ring rows, run 400m (Aim for Virtuosity, that is, near-perfect form and mechanics)

Strength: Standing Shoulder Press 5 x 5 heaviest possible

WOD: Mary” 20 min AMRAP of: 5 HSPU, 10 pistol (one-leg squat), 15 pullups

Upper Body Mobility (focus on deltoid, tricep, and pecs)

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Thursday, November 1 2012
Warmup: 10 inchworm, 100ft bear crawl, 100ft crab walk, 100ft gator crawl

 Strength: Deadlift 5 x 5 heaviest possible

WOD:  “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double-unders and Situps

Lower Body Mobility (focus on hamstrings and hip flexors)
And away we go!! WooHoo! Happy Thursday!

Alright, let’s do this! The zombie apocolypse is finally here! There are definitely a few basic things we need to do, and we need to start moving right away. Warmup with a nice 400m jog and 20 burpees.

First, we need to gather supplies. Choose a pair of dumbbells, one medicine ball, one kettlebell and one barbell

First mission: Fight Our Way Out! Five rounds for time of: 10 medball slam, 5 DB Snatch(each arm) 100m sprint

Second Mission: Rescue surviors and get to safety: 10 min AMRAP of: 100m DB farmer carry, 10 BB Overhead Lunge (each leg), row 100m

Third Mission: Signal for help! 5 rounds for time of: 10 situp/standup, 10 KB swings, 10 manmakers (Stand tall and reach high on all of these movements. You are trying to get someone’s attention, right!?!)

Congratulations, you survived! With all that work done, I think we made it! Enjoy your Halloween Fitness friends :).

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WOD for 30 October 2012


Burgener Warmup (Do it like THIS)

Take 5 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

Take 5 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.

Rest 5-10 minutes between the lifts to transition. Limit yourself to 3-5 lifts of each movement. DO NOT take more than 5 attempts of either lift.


3 rounds for time of: 7 Burpee-Box Jump @ 24″/20″, 21 DB Thrusters @ 35/20

Core Work

5 x1 1 minute plank hold @ 90/45, 5 x 1 1 minute Hollow Hold (rest as little as possible between each effort)

29 October 2012

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WOD for Monday, 29 October 2012


10 inchworms, 10 walking lunge (each leg), 15 situp/standup, 20 burpees

3 rounds for time of: 7 Squat Clean to Thrusters @ 115/75, 50 UB Double-Unders, 15 Toes to Bar (15 minute time cap)

*Rest 3 minutes.


Take 10 minutes to establish a 1RM Turkish Get Up.

Rest 3 minutes.


10 minute AMRAP of: 3 HSPU, 6 Hang Power Snatch @ 95/75, 9 KB swing @ 53/35


We are ending our strength cycle on a high note, and it has been awesome to see the progress we have all made in the last few weeks. Our next cycle at the gym will be much more relaxed, and we will have many opportunities to explore so different and interesting methods of staying fit and having fun! We are also going to spend some time focusing on increasing overall work capacity, and we are also going to spend some time focusing on mobility and recovery. Thank you all so much for the hard work you do on the black mats everyday, I am grateful for the community we continue to build at CrossFit Woodstock. Until next time…


26 October 2012

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WOD for 26 October 2012

Happy Friday Fitness Friends! I’ve heard more than a few people talking about how sore they are this week. You have been working hard and that is awesome! Now, you should be working to get your recovery game up to speed :). Here are a few simple tips that can help reduce recovery time, thereby allowing you to keep training and being successful.

1. Stay hydrated! Drink water throughout the day, not just before or after workouts.

2. Eat protein. Your body needs protein to rebuild your muscles, tendons and ligaments. If you are training more than 3 times a week, you should be aiming for a minimum daily protein intake of at least .8 grams/lb of bodyweight. That means if you weigh 150lbs, you should consume 120 grams of protein throughout a any given day.

3. Use your roller. Spend 10 minutes a day on one spot, do a different spot every day. Start with your trouble spots, and keep going until you can roll pain-free. Also, stretch or do yoga, or in some way move your body outside the gym.

4. SLEEP. 6 hours a night does not cut it. We should all be sleep at least 8 hours a night, and you should REALLY try to sleep 10 hours at least once a week. I am as bad about this as anybody, and I know how hectic schedules can be, but excuses are only excuses, so MAKE THIS A PRIORITY. Work to develop your time management strategies so you can easily prioritize long, healthy nights of sleep, and use your improved health to be even more productive during the day. Seriously, try this next week. Plan to spend at least 8 hours in bed for one week, and let me know if you feel a difference in your attitude and physical well-being.

Alright enough about all that. We still have one more day of work to do, so get to it :).

Burgener Warmup


15 minutes practice of: Snatch off Plates

Bar should begin just above the knee.  Stack plates to this height. If you are feeling comfortable you may work up to a heavy single. Work on speed under the bar and hip turnover.If you cannot receive at full depth, modify to clean off blocks, or spend 15 minutes working on mobility to acheive your perfect squat.

1a) Back Squat: 10×2 @ 85%

1b) Bench Press: 10X2 @ 85%


3 rounds for time of: 5 rope climbs, 10 power cleans @ BW, 15 burpees

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WOD for 25 October 2012


10 inchworms, 10 samson lunge (each leg), 10 wall walks

1) 10 minutes to work up to a heavy Jerk (any style).

2a) 3X2 1 Split Jerk + 1 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Split Jerk @ 80% of above

2b) 3X5 Clean Pulls – heaviest possible (remember, these are just deadlift+shrug. Stand tall and drive your shoulders into your ears. Work on speed as the bar passes the knee, and aggressively driving the hips vertically.)

3) 3X100′ Sled Pull – heaviest possible


RUN 1 MILE FOR TIME (Alternatively, if it is raining, you may complete a 2000m row)


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