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9 July 2012

Posted By: Morgan


Here we are again, Friends, back again for another week! Not trying to jinx it or anything, but it feels like summer has finally kicked in! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend, and got some sun, ate ’til you were done, and “recovered” appropriately. We are starting a new cycle this week, so come to class ready to learn, and eager to push beyond your comfort zone. This should be fun… 🙂

WOD Monday, July 9th 2012

Gymnastics: HSPU 3 X 5 (that’s handstand pushups for you Noobs. Check it out HERE, and also HERE, and also HERE and finally HERE). SKIN THE CAT 3 X 3(check this out, HERE), L-SIT 6 X 10 SEC (performed on parallettes, p-bars, or rings)

Strength:Power Clean 5 x 5 (stress coordinating jump and shrug, driving elbow forward, letting bar spin in your hands, and moving into the bar as you recieve the weight against your torso.)

WOD = 10 rounds for time of: 5 wallball @ 25/16, 5 pushups, 10 air squats

Upper body mobility = seated hamstring stretch, standing straddle stretch, cobra pose, supine knees to chest pose



6 July 2012

Posted By: Morgan

A sad day is upon us my Friends. It has come to my attention that Seth and Morgan Kareus are leaving our community to pursue bigger, better opportunities in Colorado. Seth and Morgan have been an active, vibrant part of our community at CrossFit Woodstock, and we are sad to see them go! We wish them both all the best in their new adventure, and we hope they find another outstanding community to be a part of. By the way, they left a pretty awesome gift for us, check it out before class tomorrow :). This is your last dance with “Grace”, so get in here and give it your best shot!

WOD for Friday, July 6th 2012

Gymnastics: 3x 10 pushups, 3 x 3 wall walk, 3 x 15 squat, row 500m

Strength: Barbell Bent Over Row 10 x 1

WOD: “Grace” 30 reps ground to overhead @ 135/95

Lower Body Mobility: deep lunge, standing quad stretch, calf strtch, anterior tib roll

5 July 2012

Posted By: Morgan

Sorry for the late post, still in recovery mode after celebrating our nation’s independence from tyranny and oppression. As a side note, the irony of that statement juxtaposed against our current foreign policy in the Middle East makes me cringe…

Do this today, and have some fun with it :).

WOD for Thursday, July 5th

Gymnastics: 3 x 10 knee tuck, 10 x 10 sec handstand , 3 x 10 dip, 50 double-unders


WOD: 4 rounds for time of:  sprint 200m, 10 lateral hops over something(each side), 20 Mtn. Climbers (each side)

Upper Body mobility: bicep roll, tricep roll, forearm roll. Grab a partner and a barbell, and hammer out all the nastiness from your shoulder to your elbow. Spend some extra time on any “hotspots” you find, and make sure you keep breathing through the good stuff :).


4 July 2012

Posted By: Morgan

Happy Independence Day Fitness Friends! Remember, Crossfit Woodstock will only be open from 9am-3pm tomorrow, so make sure you hit the morning class if you are coming to work out. Enjoy the holiday with family and friends, and do honor the history and importance of July 4th, even as the cheap fireworks are exploding around you 🙂

Here is today’s work…

WOD for Wednesday, July 4th 2012

Gymnastics: 3x 10 pushups, 3 x 3 wall walk, 3 x 15 squat, run 400m

Strength: Partner Glute/Ham Raise 5 x 5 (add weight if possible)


Lower Body Mobility: Hamstring roll, hams stretch on box, calf roll, standing calf stretch

Happy 4th of July!! Until next time…


3 July 2012

Posted By: Morgan

Welcome to another Terrific Tuesday Friends! We are going to have some fun today! I have been really enjoying mixing up the programming lately, and this week’s WOD’s look like some nifty good stuff! I really loved watching people dig through those last couple rounds of back squats on Monday, and I am sure we will see some outstanding work on the black mats today :). By the way, how is summer treating you? Anyone go camping last weekend? Anybody hiking/climbing/camping/floating etc.? What you all up to when you aren’t at the gym? Drop a comment and let me know what’s going down! On to the day’s training…

WOD Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

Gymnastics: 3 x 10 knee tuck, 10 x 10 sec handstand , 3 x 10 dip, row 500m

Strength: Back Squat 10 x 1 (slow and controlled, 2 sec pause at the bottom, work to heaviest possible. If you don’t know what that means, go read THIS.)


Upper Body Mobility: Partner Trap Distraction, Arm Across Body Stretch, Internal Rotation

Have Fun!


2 July 2012

Posted By: Morgan

Here we are again Fitness Friends!

The beginning of another great week in the Northwest, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more sunshine! I hope everyone had a restorative and relaxing weekend, whatever that means for you. I enjoyed an amazing weekend rafting down the Lower Deschutes with a group of great friends, and we had an outstanding trip :). I hope you are all taking opportunities during the summer to get out and play hard! We spend some much time in the gym, training our bodies to be ready for anything, sometimes we forget what it feels like to use our bodies in other meaningful, enjoyable ways. Get our there and play! If you happen to swing by the gym tomorrow, here is what we will be doing…

WOD Monday, July 2nd 2012

Gymnastics :3x 10 pushups, 3 x 3 wall walk, 3 x 15 squat, 50 double-unders

Strength :Shoulder Press 10 x 1


2 MIN AMRAP AIR SQUAT, rest 1 min

4 MIN AMRAP 3 BOX JUMPS 36″/30″, 3 DB PUSH PRESS @ ½ BW, rest 1 min


Lower Body Mobility:Hip flexor roll, death stretch, glute roll, seated gluted stretch

Have fun on this next week of training, and let’s start some conversation on the website and on the Facebook page about how everyone is doing on the black mats. We have a bunch of new faces in our community, and it would be cool if everyone acted like they wanted to get to know each other. Just sayin’… until next time…


29 June 2012

Posted By: Morgan

This will be the final post on the FB page. The WOD will now be posted exclusively on our new website: www.xfitwoodstock.com. So, get over there and check it out!!

There will still be all sorts of cool stuff to check out on the Facebook page. Cool pictures, awesome videos, and other sweet stuff will still be here to keep you busy while you are checking Facebook at work. Here is today’s fun…

WOD Friday, June 29th 2012

GYMNASTICS: 3 x 10 knee tuck, 10 x 10 sec handstand , 3 x 10 dip, run 400m

STRENGTH: Deadlift 7 x 2


Lower Body MOBILITY Glute roll, piriformis stretch, adductor roll, straddle stretch


28 June 2012

Posted By: Morgan

I saw some great action on the barbell complex yesterday, and it was really nice to see some improvements on everyone’s technique. Almost like you all really have been paying attention in class, and maybe even practicing on your own time. Crazy…

Seth Karues was bad-ass of the day by performing that workout at 185lb, nice effort sir :).

Here is today’s fun…

WOD for Thursday, June 28th 2012

Gymnasticts: 3x 10 pushups, 3 x 3 wall walk, 3 x 15 squat, row 500m

Strength: Back Squat 7 x 2


Upper Body Mobility: Lat roll, partner lat distraction, shoulder roll, arm across body stretch

Enjoy an amazing Thursday friends, and get your happy behind into the gym! Until next time…


27 June 20120

Posted By: Morgan

Hello Again Fitness Friends!

With an official website up again, and a few minutes to kill, I will now wax philosophical on you while you read through the WOD and convince yourself you need to get your happy butt to the gym tomorrow :). So far this year, there have been a few monumental changes at CrossFit Woodstock, and I want to take a minute to express my thanks and gratitude to all the members of our community. While we are business, and ultimately, one of our goals is to make a profit, the true value of our facility and our community comes from the people who spend their time training here. Without you, I literally would not have a job! I would also miss the opportunity to interact with people who make the choice everyday to create better versions of themselves, and then put in the work to achieve their goals and their dreams. We all do CrossFit for different reasons, but we all share the motivation that gets us into the gym on a consistent basis. We all know what it feels like to push ourselves a little farther, lift a little heavier, breathe a little harder, and we all know how important it is to conquer those little challenges on a regular basis. I know, it’s just excercise. But that isn’t the point. The point is we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We are there to motivate each other. We are there to support each other. We are there to encourage each other. We are all there because we all know it just wouldn’t be as much fun if we were doing it alone (TWSS!). Anyway, that was a bit long-winded, but thank you. Keep showing up, keeping bringing your friends and families, keep doing great work on those black mats. Here is today’s fun…

WOD Wednesday, June 27th 2012

Gymnastics: 3 x 10 Straight-Leg Raise, 10 x 10 sec handstand (w/partner in free space), 3 x 10 dip, 50 double-unders

Strength:One Arm Bent Over Row 7 x 2

WOD: EMOM FOR 12 MINUTES: 1 Deadlift, 1 power clean, 1 push press @ 155/95, 5 strict pullups (EMOM = every minute, on the minute. Perform the prescribed work as quickly as possible, each minute. Take the remainer of each minute to rest.)

Lower Body Mobility: Straddle Stretch, Pigeon Pose, Quad Roll, Calf Roll

Eat Well, Train Safe, Play Hard!


Happy Website!!

Posted By: Morgan

Alright, we are up and running! It will take me a week or so to get all the peices in place, but at least we are functional for now. I will be posting the daily workouts here, as well as some other interesting stuff that might pertain in some relatively random way to what we do at the gym every day. I’m setting no parameters for how weird it might get, but I promise it won’t be boring. Make sure you subscribe to the blog, so you can always be the first one to know when the WOD is posted. Leave comments and interact with each other here, post your results and PR’s, you know, build community and all that :). Enough babbling, here is today’s work…

WOD for Tuesday, June 26th 2012

Gymnastics: 3x 10 pushups, 3 x 3 wall walk, 3 x 15 squat, run 400m

Strength: Shoulder Press 7 x 2

WOD : 3 rounds of: 2 suicide sprints, 4 burpee box jumps, 6 goblet squats @70/44, 8 KB Snatch (each side), 10 situps

Upper Body Mobility: Bicep roll, Internal rotation stretch, Trap Roll, Trap Distraction

I’ll keep posting this on the FB page for the rest of this week. Make sure you check both sites until I have worked out the kinks on this page, and everything should be good to go in no time at all. Until next time…



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