Our Philosophy

Training Philosophy

There have been questions regarding the specifics of our training principles at Woodstock, and a few people have expressed interest in understanding some of the philosophy behind why we program the way we do at Woodstock. Our coaches have put much time and effort in to creating a program that is structured around the ideas of injury-free, sustainable, lifelong physical fitness, so we are happy to share some of the “science” behind how we run Woodstock. This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything we believe, but it will provide a solid base of information that may be helpful for anyone training at our facility.

We subscribe to an inclusive, broad definition of fitness. Our desire is to provide a constantly varied stimulus designed to elicit the maximum adaptational response. We want to produce a level of fitness that applies to life and sport outside the gym, whatever that means for you.

We have created a basic set of “Principles” to delineate why we do what we do. These
“Principles” are a combination of our own ideas, and ideas gleaned from other athletes, coaches, training partners, and fitness professionals. These are general prescriptions; modifications may be necessary depending on the needs of the individual.

Basic Principles

1. Nutrition (real, whole food, unprocessed, clean)

2. Full Range of Motion (optimized human movement)

3. Outcome-based, functional training (we can track it, and you can use it somewhere else)

4. Train all energy systems (strength, power, endurance)

5. Constant variance (be familiar with as many movements as possible, be proficient at as many as possible)

6. Work Capacity (generating sustainable power output.)

7. “HIGH” intensity relative to level of fitness.  (principle of responsible overload. Achieve results without overtraining or burnout.)

Our programming guidelines allow us to construct a template that provides structure, while allowing us to provide constant variance and optimal opportunity for adaptation.

Programming Guidelines

Intensity through load (Go heavier. Always. Except when you shouldn’t. )

Intensity through creativity (There are tools and toys all around us. Don’t be limited by what you do, or do not, have readily available.)
Intensity through play (movement is enjoyable. “Workouts”are old school. Change your perspective.)


Our hierarchy of fitness is designed to encourage a holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellness. We want training to be a sustainable practice that produces positive results in the gym, but also provides postive results IN REAL LIFE. We view fitness as a lifestyle choice involving appropriate combinations of nutrition, exercise, recovery practices, and goal setting.

Hierarchy of Fitness

1.      Our foundation is nutrition; for fuel and for recovery. Improved body comp,  weight loss, and aesthetic goals will easily follow.

2.      Posture and Position = being structurally sound, for maximum efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing injury

3.      Cardiorespiratory fitness = build an engine with your heart and lungs. Learn to breathe DEEP. Learn to breathe under pressure and in uncomfortable situations.

4.      Power Output = combination of strength and speed. Moving large loads, long distances, in short amounts of time.

5.      Personal Goals = using your fitness to achieve personally meaningful goals.


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